Grassroots dedicated to restoring the prerogative of Wisconsin
voters to determine the size, scope, and direction of government
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Overview of the Wisconsin 9/12 Project

The Wisconsin 9/12 Project is a non-partisan conservative grassroots movement. We are dedicated to restoring the rightful authority of the American people in determining the scope, size, and direction of government.

Our Motivation

Our nation and state are in crisis. Our elected officials have buried us in debt, devalued our currency, and compromised our national credit. They are stealing the future of those who haven't yet even been born. Moreover, they have trampled on our freedoms, passing law after law that fails to respect the inalienable rights guaranteed to us in the United States Constitution.

However, the fault is ours. As citizens, we are meant to participate actively in our representative republic. But for decades, we ignored our civic respon-sibilities. Members of this group have committed to active engagement in the civic process so that we can finally begin to restore to our communities, state, and nation limited government and greater freedom for all.

Our Focus

While this group is concerned about all levels of government, we focus the majority of our efforts on ensuring that state and local government operate according to common-sense, constitutional principles. Doing so remains the most effective way to "short-circuit" any unconstitutional movement at the federal level.

We encourage many forms of civil engagement, including but not limited to:

  • Attendance of city council, school board, and county board meetings
  • Participation in State Assembly and State Senate hearings
  • Running for state or local office
  • Getting out the vote
  • Poll watching

Our Initiatives

Because we're invested in seeing constitutionally minded individuals elected to all levels of office, we explore and share the voting records and positions of as many candidates as possible in the form of both informal briefs and voter guides. Via our YouTube channel, we also regularly make available to the general public video recordings of our in-person vetting sessions with candidates for all levels of office. These videos have served as an excellent resource for voters across the state of Wisconsin.

Open records are an invaluable source of information that can help us keep our government accountable and on track. We regularly exercise our legal right to access public records, obtaining information that gives us not only a sense of what's happening, but how to mobilize.

We also recognize that we are in a battle of ideas. We increasingly seek to use diverse media streams and approaches to fight that battle successfully.

Our Hope

We believe there is a place for all conservative Wisconsinites to make a significant impact. There are many forms of activism. You may already have a sense of how your particular gifts and insights could be useful in the battle to take our country back. We'd love for you to join us. If conservative activism is new to you, and you'd like some help figuring out where to start, we'd be delighted to help.

To all who share our passion for restoring common sense and freedom:

We're waiting to meet you, and we look forward to getting to know you.


Group Organizer