Grassroots dedicated to restoring the prerogative of Wisconsin
voters to determine the size, scope, and direction of government
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Ongoing Initiatives

As a non-partisan group, we collect information on the positions, principles, and records of candidates and officials at all levels of government. We work to synthesize and disseminate that information in ways that will prove helpful to voters and grassroots activists.  As part of this initiative, we personally interview and vet candidates and incumbents according to constitutional standards. Wherever possible, we video-record these interviews, making them available via our YouTube channel and the video page of this website.

We also remain strongly focused on building a solid, permanent network that will allow constitutionally minded conservatives more effectively to:

  • Identify constitutionally minded candidates for all levels of elected office
  • Advance and elect those candidates
  • Organize for key initiatives that extend beyond election day

Research Initiatives

Our members regularly and actively engage in research and open records initiatives that provide a window onto what's happening in our state and how we can make a difference.  These initiatives may be related to political races, election outcomes, public policy, or current events. 

Public Policy Initiatives

  • Constitutional Carry - Working with other groups and organizations to raise the profile of this important issue, we significantly raised awareness around 2nd Amendment rights in the state of Wisconsin. While SB 93 was ultimately transformed into a shall-issue bill, we're encouraged by the progress we've made in educating both legislators and the public, allowing us to revisit this issue in the very foreseeable future.
  • Voting Reform - Our members communicated tirelessly with state legislators to advance key changes in voting law here in the state in order to ensure greater fairness and honesty in Wisconsin's elections.
  • Eliminating Unelected, Unaccountable Taxing Bodies - The state legislature's Joint Finance Committee, thanks to the voices of many Wisconsinites, has included in the 2011-2012 budget a repeal of Wisconsin's Regional Transit Authorities (RTAs). We look forward to seeing other, similar bodies curtailed or eliminated entirely in the future.
  • The Healthcare Freedom Amendment - This amendment to our state constitution would guarantee the right of every Wisconsinite to continue to make personal choices for themselves and their families regarding the type and level of their health care. The bill must be voted upon by two consecutive legislatures and then be submitted to the people by special referendum.
  • Shoreland Zoning - We have successfully played a role in staving off Dane County's unconstitutional plan to undermine private property rights, reduce property values, and raise property taxes.
  • "While You Were Out" - In November of 2009, citizens from 14 Wisconsin counties joined us at the State Capitol Building during a legislative break to deliver messages for their state and federal representatives.