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Tea Party Member Endorses Wheel Tax
Written by Francisco d’Anconia   
Thursday, 20 October 2011 18:41

In view of current circumstances where massive new sources of revenue are necessary to keep the bloated ship of state afloat, I find it detestably expedient to support numerous new wheel taxes.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our government’s insatiable need to spend extravagantly will not be abated by either common sense or fiscal responsibility.

Therefore, the only alternative, other than bankruptcy, is to develop new hitherto untapped streams of confiscated income.

Having already exploited and expanded most other forms of taxation, e.g.: income, real estate, sales, fuel, telephone, utility, etc., it seems one of the few viable remaining is the wheel tax.

That having been said, I only support the taxation of very specific classes of wheels. I do not endorse further taxation of those already exorbitantly taxed such as automobiles and trucks, especially pick-up trucks. (One would have thought that the state and federal gasoline tax, designated for road maintenance, would actually have been used for that purpose. One would have been wrong.)

Rather, I would tax those that have so far enjoyed a free ride. I’m talking about bicycles, tricycles, two and three-wheeled recumbents, segues, strollers, roller blades and skates (including the sneaker skates), walkers, push scooters, and any other non-fossil fuel powered wheeled vehicles currently not paying any gas tax. Where is the fairness ?!

I say our elected rulers have been remiss and negligent in overlooking this fertile field of fruitful resources. Could it be that these pernicious promoters of non-fossil fueled perambulation have a strong enough lobby to have been able to avoid for so many years shouldering their fair share of the burden. I say, “Enough already!”

(Details of potential policies and procedures to follow in subsequent articles.)


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