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Wisconsin Assemblyman Kevin Petersen Once Again Telling Wild Tales about Obamacare Non-Compliance
Written by Kirsten   
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 12:03

Readers here at the Wisconsin 9/12 Project will remember that our state had a near-miss this past fall with AB 210, a bill that would have embedded Obamacare language in our state statutes.

Well...AB 210's author is back.

On February 2nd, Representative Kevin Peterson (R - Waupaca), Chair of the Assembly Committee on Insurance no less, sent an ominous press release full of scary stories.  He insisted that if we don't bring AB 210 back and pass it by March 1, we're all going to have to go down to a yucky old federal office in Chicago for our independent insurance reviews instead of having them handled by state bureaucrats in Madison.

Yeah, it's a real piece of work. He cloaks his insistence on Obamacare compliance in a professed belief in the United States Constitution and the rule of law. Well, isn't that a neat little package of poo...?

Representative Petersen needs to knock it off.

FIRST OF ALL, do you know precisely how many people needed to use the independent insurance review process in Wisconsin last year...?  Take a wild guess. Do you think it was 1,000?  5,000?  10,000?  50,000? 

Not quite...

The real number was...drum roll please...about 120 reviews.

So, Representative Petersen would have the rest of us toss Wisconsin's state sovereignty to the wind, thoroughly undermine our healthcare freedoms, and muck up our lawsuit against Obamacare for what amounts to a small handful of people annually.

You'll pardon my saying so: That makes Representative Petersen not just daft but irresponsibly so. Incidentally, if you live in Assembly District 40, Petersen's "neck of the woods," I'd think twice.  Do you really want this guy representing you if he's willing to flush your rights away that easily?

SECOND, did this guy not get the news flash in November?  Senator Frank Lasee killed AB 210 in his Insurance and Housing Committee. And thus far, leadership has thought better of moving it to another committee--though, inside sources tell us that that was the threat behind the scenes for a whiile.  

THIRD, when the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) tried to maneuver around Senator Lasee by issuing an emergency rule that accomplished many of the same things AB 210 would have, there was such public outcry that the Governor had to say, "OOPS!" on having signed the darned thing, acknowledge that there was indeed some danger of compromising our lawsuit against Obamacare if the emergency rule stayed on the books, and thus insist on its rescission.  

So, we all thought AB 210 and the emergency rule substituted for it were safely dead. But Representative Petersen surely doesn't like to think so.  This guy now bears watching like a hawk. And so does anyone else who might decide to jump on his little crazy train. 

Today, Annette Olsen, organizer of Un-Infringed Liberty up in the northwest part of the state and a woman who actually understands freedom, sent out an open letter regarding Representative Petersen's little attempt to scare people into embracing AB 210 all over again.  She's spot on.  I highly encourage you to read her letter and to pass it on to anyone who might be confused on the issue.  

Any Republican Assemblymen you know might be an excellent place to start since there were only five such individuals who saw through AB 210 from the start and refused to vote for it on the floor.  Regrettably, the rest of them all got hoodwinked and swallowed the bait.

As a refresher, the Republican Assemblymen who actually had it right:

  • Tyler August (32nd Dist, Lake Geneva)
  • David Craig (83rd Dist, Big Bend)
  • Dean Knudson (30th Dist, Hudson)
  • Steve Nass (31st Dist, Whitewater)
  • Evan Wynn (43rd Dist, Whitewater)

If you live in one of these five districts, call these guys up and tell them that you appreciate them for being the clear-headed liberty-minded men they are.  

If you live anywhere else, your Assembly representative could probably use a little accountability now that Representative Petersen is making noise again. 

Better safe than sorry...


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