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We All Save With Act 10!
Written by Jeff Horn   
Wednesday, 30 May 2012 00:06

When it comes to Act 10 almost everyone has an opinion.  For most people, the side of the issue they come down on is primarily a pocket book issue.  Many public employees are being asked to pay for a small portion of their health insurance and pensions.  Many tax payers stand to reap significant savings on their property tax bills.  Unions stand to lose millions in membership dues and insurance premiums.  School districts and municipalities stand to save millions benefits and at the same time have improved options for retaining their best employees.

We've all seen the "It's Working" commercials by the Walker campaign, which relate stories about how individual school districts have saved millions due to Act 10's reforms.  Until now, however, we haven't been able to see just how much we are saving personally due to Act 10.

Now there is a unique website which will ask you for some basic information about yourself and then let you know how much money you save due to Scott Walker's Act 10.  Knowing the amount that you personally are saving due to Act 10 really brings home the power of this important legislation.

Just go to: and enter your county, your city/town/village, and your assessed property value and you can see a breakdown of exactly how much you personally save due to Act 10 and exactly which taxes are impacted.

This is a valuable tool to share with your friends, family, and neighbors.  Since this is truly a pocketbook issue, letting people know how it affects their pocketbooks can move people to get off their butts and VOTE out of enlightened self-interest.

Because of this, many conservative grassroots groups around Wisconsin have dubbed June 1-5 "We Save With Act 10 Weekend".  To participate, download the PDF at:

Simply fill out 10 names of people who you know that are on the fence with respect to the recall.  No use preaching to the choir here!  Then use the links in the documents to find their savings and contact them with the good news!

In the next 5 months we are facing what will likely be the two most consequential elections of our lifetimes.  The June 5th recall election will determine whether politicians will act with necessary courage to make tough decisions for a generation.  It's time for YOU to COMMIT and get the word out. is a fantastic tool that will help you do just that.  Are you up for the challenge?  Then roll up your sleaves, dig in, and let everyone you know hear the good news about Act 10 and Scott Walker.  If not now, when? If not us, who?


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