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LibertyVention Wisconsin
Written by Isaac Parker   
Sunday, 24 June 2012 20:20

The first annual LibertyVention Wisconsin was held June 15 & 16 at Hotel Mead, in Wisconsin Rapids, with over 70 people attending all or some of the conference.  The organizers hope this will be the first of many such events.  The goal of LibertyVention was to equip constitutional conservative activists from around Wisconsin to learn ways of growing their groups and finding new ways to expand their influence.  Training classes were conducted by American Majority, the Leadership Institute, Wisconsin Family Action and Americans for Prosperity on topics such as social media, effective canvassing, Agenda 21, 2nd amendment rights as well as other topics.  Dr. Tim Nerenz, a noted author and blogger, gave the welcoming address on Friday evening.  Syndicated radio talk show host Josh Tolley delivered the keynote speech at the closing banquet on Saturday evening. Wisconsin Family Action’s Julaine Appling received a standing ovation for her Saturday luncheon speech on the First Amendment and Religious Liberty.

The comments received from people attending were all positive.  LibertyVention was a terrific way to get constitutional activists across the state together.  Conservatives are starting to do the networking and training that progressives in Wisconsin and elsewhere have been successfully doing for over a 100 years.   We’ve only just begun to roll back their agenda.  But we have some decided advantages, it will not take us 100 years; first and foremost, we have the truth, not the leftist lies designed to lead people into their Marxist totalitarian future.  Secondly, thanks to Al Gore, we have the internet to easily allow us to connect with each other (sorry I couldn’t resist the Al Gore reference).  Robert La Follette and his progressives had horse and buggy travel, newspapers and the telegraph to communicate.   We have no such limitations; we do not need to own a newspaper to get our message out.   We just have to learn how to use the technology we have at our fingertips.

A number of LibertyVention attendees said they appreciated the fact that no one Tea Party’s agenda was being pushed.  Tea Parties or any other group, just like people, have their own special projects.  We all feel more strongly about some issues, than others.  Unfortunately, this can affect conference and event planning.  But, with four different Tea Parties sponsoring the event, the organizers instead, chose to help people to be aware of a variety of issues, while training and equipping attendees of LibertyVention 2012 to work more effectively in their communities.

The recall election drained a lot of energy and finances from people who would have liked to attend.  I know people who spent just about every weekend in May and the first weekend of June on phone banks working for Governor Walker.  Many now wanted a few weeks away from anything political.   Plus, the organizers had a late start organizing this.  Nevertheless, LibertyVention turned out to be a wonderful conference.  We’ve created a Facebook page ‘LibertyVention Wisconsin’ for people who attended, to write about their experiences and to raise awareness for next year’s event.   Planning will start for LibertyVention 2013 soon. Next year we’ll hopefully have an advertising budget.  We’re already laying groundwork for an expanded conference next year.

One anecdotal story from LibertyVention that should be shared.   At the beginning of our Friday evening session, a couple stood in the doorway looking in, one of our registration folks went over to them to see if they were looking for someone or just had arrived late.  The couple said their daughter worked at the hotel and they had stopped in to see her.  Their daughter told them they should stop by our event, they might like it.   The couple was invited in and stayed through Tim Nerenz’s speech, as well as a subsequent video on the job-killing iron mine fiasco in northern Wisconsin.   Before they left, the gentleman took out his wallet, pulled out a $50 bill and said ‘take this for your organization and keep up the good work”.  That $50 will go toward next year’s LibertyVention.  Talk about grassroots!  And it was a true encouragement because we didn’t even have a budget to advertise LibertyVention until a Wisconsin 9/12 Project member decided to pay for a couple of ads out of his own pocket.

Seeing committed conservatives taking the time to attend LibertyVention, and watching them be equipped to be effective when they went home, made me feel good about Wisconsin’s future.  We’re winning folks!  But, the fight for constitutional government has a long way to go.  The progressives/liberals/socialists, whatever they currently call themselves, will never sleep and neither should we.   Keep up the fight and plan on attending next year’s LibertyVention.


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