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Final Strings Video Says It All: Governor Walker Hits One out of the Park on Health Care
Written by Kirsten   
Monday, 23 January 2012 18:50

Late last week, Governor Scott Walker gave freedom-loving individuals all over Wisconsin reason to celebrate.

In a noteworthy turn of events, the governor announced on Thursday that he would sever a federal grant agreement that, for the past year, has bound Wisconsin to the planning and establishment of an Obamacare-compliant health insurance exchange. The $38 million dollar Early Innovator Grant has now been abandoned, all work on the insurance exchange has reportedly been permanently halted, and a formal letter has been sent from the State of Wisconsin to the Federal Department of Health and Human Services to make the state's position clear. In addition, the governor announced that he would soon be issuing an executive order that will dissolve the Office of Free Market Health Care--which, for the last year, has been facilitating stakeholdering and planning of the exchange. 

On Saturday, the news got better still.  It became clear in a JSOnline article that Governor Walker had opted to reject an additional $11 million in federal grant moneys, provided in conjunction with the Early Innovator Grant, for the purpose of integrating the state's Medicaid program into the compliant exchange. The clarity of vision in returning the Medicaid portion of the grant package is astounding. Not everyone understands the key role Medicaid is playing in Obamacare implementation in the states. But our governor apparently now does. He's even got Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Dennis Smith out explaining the truth we've been conveying for the past several months: There is ultimately no such thing as a state exchange, only federal exchanges.

Savor all of this good news for a moment: Nearly the entire $49 million in federal health insurance exchange funding, minus a small amount that had already been drawn down, has now been rejected and abandoned. The moneys that groups such as the Wisconsin 9/12 Project and legislators like State Senator Frank Lasee have been warning about--money that threatened the state's sovereignty under the 10th Amendment and the individual healthcare freedoms of Wisconsinites--no longer poses a threat. And Wisconsin will no longer be helping the feds to implement the Obamacare exchange that was underway here. Truly, there is cause to celebrate. And we all should.

The NoStringsWisconsin campaign thought so, too, and released the following video on YouTube late last night.

The video urges people to thank the governor for the remarkable decisions he has just made. We cannot echo that sentiment strongly enough. Please download the thank-you document and send it in with a note, or simply write something on your stationery of choice.  But don't forget to let the governor know that you deeply appreciate what he's just done to:

  • Protect states' rights and individual freedoms
  • Limit government
  • Reinforce fiscal sanity

Give credit where it's due.

A thank-you note to Senator Frank Lasee would also be a great idea. From AB 210 and the emergency rule all the way through the Early Innovator Grant, Senator Lasee has been an unwavering voice for liberty. His stand was not very popular with a number of his colleagues in state government. That makes it all the more commendable.

Finally, the Wisconsin 9/12 Project would also like to thank all those who made sent string or made phone calls to foks at the State Capitol and made their voices heard on this crucial issue. May this be an unforgettable example of the true power of the people within the system of a representative republic--of the tremendous light that together our individual voices can wield to beat back the darkness of socialism. In the very apt words of Winston Churchill, in another time and place: "God bless you all. This is your victory!  It is the victory of the cause of freedom..."

Next Steps

Representative David Craig and Senator Leah Vukmir have recently been seeking co-sponsors on two bills that will go a long way to protecting the healthcare freedoms of Wisconsinites in the future. The first would insist on regular reporting by state agencies to the legislature on Obamacare-related issues. Such legislation would ensure that our elected officials stay much more fully in the loop on such matters and thus able to take appropriate action. The second would ensure that any measures related to Obamacare must be subjected to a full vote of the legislature. This measure will ensure legislative oversight and prerogative, even should there be a change in administration. Please call and ask your representatives to sign on to these two excellent bills. I'm not sure the bills have been assigned numbers yet, but knowing the authors and basic content should help you when you call or write.

Keep fighting the good fight!