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Stop Medicaid Expansion in Wisconsin...It's a Trojan Horse for Obamacare!
Written by The Wisconsin 9/12 Project   
Monday, 11 February 2013 11:50

The Wisconsin 9/12 Project Action Alert!
Stop Medicaid Expansion in Wisconsin.
It's a Trojan Horse for Obamacare!


So far, although Governor Scott Walker has remained publicly skeptical of accepting Medicaid expansion funds, he has not said a definite "No" to the federal government.  The Governor will release his proposed budget on Tuesday Feb 19. His decision on whether to accept Medicaid expansion funds is expected to be announced with the budget.

The Wisconsin 9/12 Project is urging its members and friends to CALL GOVERNOR WALKER TODAY and  encourage him to SAY NO TO MEDICAID EXPANSION in Wisconsin. If you’ve already called in the last few weeks, please call again.

  • GOVERNOR WALKER'S OFFICE #: 608.266.1212
  • GOVERNOR WALKER'S EMAIL: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • LEGISLATIVE HOTLINE: 608.266.9960

FAQ/Answers to Common Concerns About Medicaid Expansion

What is this all about, anyway?

The people who wrote Obamacare anticipated that many states would resist the Medicaid expansion initiative due to huge increases in the number of people dependent upon government and taxpayer dollars, so they built in financial incentives to bribe the states to go along.  If a state agrees to the expansion, the federal government is now promising to cover 100% of the costs of the expansion for the first 3 years, beginning in 2014, gradually requiring participating states to pick up 10% of those costs by 2020.  With so many additional citizens — not to mention undocumented non-citizens — qualifying for Medicaid under the expanded rules, the States who take this "deal" will be trading some short-term gains for budget-busting ruin in the not-too-distant future.  Not exactly a good deal, but as P.T. Barnum once said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Wisconsin is just beginning to get its fiscal house in order again; we should not compromise our economy or our health care freedoms by embracing an expensive and intrusive Obamacare initiative.

Didn't Governor Walker already say no to Obamacare in Wisconsin?

Governor Walker said no to establishing a state-run health insurance exchange in Wisconsin, which was a great first step to keeping Obamacare out of Wisconsin.  Now he needs to take the next crucial step by saying no to Medicaid expansion.

I don't like Obamacare, but it's the law.  Don't we have to follow it?

NO.  In its June 28, 2012 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court gave states the ability to opt out of the Medicaid expansion contained in Obamacare. Wisconsin should exercise that option and refuse to go along.

But this is free money.  Why shouldn't we take it?

This is not "free money."  It comes with giant strings that will strangle Wisconsin's economy if we take it.

Here's the process...

  • If  a state takes the money, they accept the expanded eligibility guidelines  for Medicaid. 

  • Doing  so PERMANENTLY adds thousands more people to the state's existing Medicaid  program. 

  • The  state gets 100% funding for the additional costs for the years 2014-2016  ONLY. 

  • In  subsequent years, the federal funds provided will gradually decline, but  the increased numbers of people PERMANENTLY ADDED to the Medicaid program  stays the same, and Wisconsin  responsible for the program, a  massively expanded unfunded liability.

The federal government can't pay its bills now...what will happen when this budget-busting takeover of healthcare is fully implemented?  Wisconsin will be on the hook.

If we don't take the money, it means Wisconsin citizens aren't getting their fair share and the federal taxes we've paid will go to other states.

This is simply not true.  Wisconsin already gets some funding for its Medicaid program from the federal government, and the U.S. Supreme Court ruling determined that the federal government COULD NOT punish states who refused to implement the Medicaid expansion by cutting or eliminating the funds already going to the state for its Medicaid program.  If Wisconsin refuses the Medicaid expansion NOTHING CHANGES.

But shouldn't we try to insure as many poor people as possible?

Wisconsin's healthcare programs for low-income individuals and families are already among the most generous in the nation.  Saying no to Obamacare's Medicaid expansion is a fiscally responsible way to avoid taking on a huge
unfunded liability. People who need healthcare in Wisconsin will still have access to it through our own state-run programs.

But other Republican governors have taken the funds.  Why shouldn't we?

Other states have made decisions based on the environments in their own states, which includes the political environment.  We think that politics should take a backseat to sound financial governance. Saying NO to this budget-busting Medicaid expansion is the right decision for Governor Walker to make for our state and its citizens.

Moreover, Obamacare needs the personal data of citizens to work. Expanding Medicaid is a means for the federal government to obtain more personal data. Wisconsin should protect the personal information of its citizens wherever possible and resist helping the federal government to build the database needed to fully implement Obamacare. 


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