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Additional Resources

 Here's just a short list of some valuable resources you can use to begin educating yourself in some key areas. There are many, many more. If you find a resource you think is exceptional, let us know! We'd love to hear about it.

Agenda 21 Information and Resources

Agenda 21 is the United Nations' agenda for the 21st century.

Sustainable development, Smart Growth, Green Tier, the Wildlands Project, and many other lofty sounding initiatives fall under the Agenda 21 umbrella. Yet, all are designed to divest you of your property, individual freedoms, and constitutional rights in order to subject you to governance by a foreign/global oligarchy.

It sounds like some kind of crazy movie, but it's real.

Agenda 21 is not conspiracy theory but rather conspiracy fact. The truth may be uncovered simply by reading the plan and associated documentation.

The resources below are meant to help you grasp the concepts and aims underlying this insidious global attack on liberty.

General Resources on Agenda 21

American Policy Center - Tom DeWeese and the American Policy Center have been talking about Agenda 21, sustainable development, and what it alll means for the United States for years. Once laughed at as a tin-foil hatter, Tom has noticed that, at last, no one's laughing anymore. The website contains excellent resources.

America's Choice - Liberty or Sustainable Development - This series of lectures was filmed several years ago at a conference in Maine. It comes in three parts, all of which can be accessed for free online via Google video. It includes top experts in sustainable development and how it is being implemented. Video 1: Michael Shaw (private property rights)Video 2: Michael Coffman (Smart Growth) and Michael Chapman (Education);Video 3: Beverly Eakman (Group Manipulation Tactics) and Tom DeWeese (Sustainable Development)

Democrats against UN Agenda 21 - A brilliantly thorough website/organization formed by Rosa Koire a Democrat who works for the State of California as an eminent domain land acquisition specialist on roadway projects. Rosa woke up to Agenda 21 through maddening efforts to assess the value of "mixed use" properties. Once she got it, she really got it. She has now published a book on the topic, Behind the Green Mask. She is wonderfully quirky, engaging, and a lot of fun to read or listen to, but her message packs a serious punch. She knows her subject well, and she is out to wake up anyone who will listen. There are also several good videos of Rosa speaking to an audience, this is one of the shorter ones, but you can find others by searching on the YouTube.

The Post-Sustainability Institute - Also founded by Rosa Koire, this site/organization is dedicated to studying the effects of the U.N. plan once implemented. Again, the information is very thorough and insightful while remaining engaging. Rosa's personality comes through loud and clear.

Smart Growth and Green Tier

Redevelopment: The Unknown Goverment (2004) - The most recent edition by California's Municipal Officials for Redevelopment Reform, this invaluable 40-page PDF provides information on how the redevelopment process works. It doesn't come out and call redevelopment Agenda 21, but it does make clear that, masquerading as "free-market economics," it hijacks government, diverts public resources, subjugates the taxpayer and private property owner, and ultimately obliterates private property rights. While the document is written for Californians, much of the same legislation is on the books in Wisconsin. Much of the acceleration of the redevelopment scam seems to be related to Smart Growth, which was mandated in Wisconsin in 1999 under then-Governor Tommy Thompson.

Wisconsin's Green Tier Legacy Program - Part of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' website, this subsite touts the benefits of Green Tier. It all sounds great, but it doesn't pan out that way. The actual charter can be viewed here.

Conservation Easements

Coveting the Future: Exercising the Ultimate Property Right: Conservation Easements - For the last 30 years, conservation easements have been a well-utilized tool of environmentalists and others working to tie up and obliterate private property rights. This article provides an excellent overview of how conservation easements work, how they are being leveraged, the historical legal concepts involved, and the new feudalism they are helping to create. A must-read for anyone serious about understanding this important facet of how Agenda 21 is being implemented.

Agenda 21 and Public Education

American Heritage Research - Established by Michael Chapman, an authority on Agenda 21 indoctrination in our public schools, this site offers a number of valuable articles on how national curricula and school-to-work programs, are being used not only to make our children mindless followers but also to enslave them to a centrally planned economy.

Sustainable Development or Sustainable Tyranny (2007) - Michael Chapman, American Heritage Research

A two-DVD set, this video should not be missed. Michael Chapman goes straight to primary sources to help the viewer understand how Agenda 21 goals are being realized through the indoctrination of our children in public schools. It's not a question of whether it's in your public school. It is in your public school because it's mandated through national curricula.

Recommended Books on a Variety of Topics

The following books come highly recommended by Wisconsin 9/12 group members and leadership:

The 5,000 Year Leap - W. Cleon Skousen
One of the best primers available on the United States Constitution, why our founders wrote it the way they did, and why it's so important to defend the principles it contains. Ronald Reagan wanted this book taught in all public schools, though he didn't get his way.

The Road to Serfdom - F.A. Hayek
Hayek is one of the best known apologists for the Austrian School of Economics, a group of brilliant economists who were advocating the benefits of true free markets long before it was popular to do so. Hayek's writing style can be a bit awkward to read at first, but it will pay off to stick with him. He'll not only help you to understand exactly why free markets are inseparable from true liberty but also how to answer those who claim otherwise.

Liberal Fascism - Jonah Goldberg
Ever been told that conservative equals fascist? Jonah Goldberg brilliantly demonstrates via a variety of political leaders, eras, and movements, that fascism is, in fact, an expression of the extreme left.

The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression - Amity Schlaes
Following an array of historical figures, Shlaes reveals how Franklin Roosevelt's administration not only lengthened and deepened the Great Depression through its intervention in the economy, but also placed a hard-working middle class into the untenable position of having to support un unsustainable burden. The parallels to today are staggering.

The Creature From Jekyll Island
- G. Edward Griffin
Wondering what all the fuss over the Federal Reserve is about? This extremely readable and engaging book breaks everything down for you, concept by concept. You'll be amazed at how an elite group of private bankers placed the American people permanently on the hook for other people's risk and failure. By the end of this book, you'll understand a lot more about money, how the Fed came to be, and how it works. Griffin demonstrates that Thomas Jefferson was right when he said: "If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered."

Rules for Radicals - Saul Alinsky
This is the playbook of the opposition. If we know and understand what's in it, we're in a better position to counter it.

Valuable and Diverse Video Resources

Some of the resources below can be found free online. Other video resources may need to be rented or purchased.  We feel all of them are valuable in one way or another.

The American Form of Government - A concise explanation of the five basic forms of government and why a republic is the best way to guarantee freedom. We're not a democracy, and we were never meant to be. Words matter. Know your definitions!

The History of Political Correctness, Pt. 1, Pt. 2, and Pt. 3 - Where political correctness came from and why it's so dangerous to liberty.

Milton Friedman's Free to Choose series - Milton Friedman, like Friedrich Hayek, is an apologist for the Austrian School of Economics. This legendary television series, featuring Friedman, has now been made fully available online and provides excellent foundational lessons in the way free markets work and why we need them.

Agenda: Grinding America Down - Director: Curtis Bowers
How the left has targeted America's morality and freedom in their effort to facilitate a psychological, social, and spiritual submission to another way of life and another form of government.

The Cartel
(2009) - Director, Bob Bowdon
An in-depth look at our broken public education system.

Waiting for Superman (2010) - Director: Davis Guggenheim
Not as detailed as The Cartel, but still an excellent look at what's wrong with public education.

Generation Zero (2010) - Director: Stephen K. Bannon
An examination of the causes of the global economic crisis that began to unfold in 2008.

Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy (2002) - A fascinating PBS take on the people, ideas, and events that created our current world economy. You'll need to filter much of what's in the third video, but it's all worth watching.