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Wisconsin 9/12 Project to Kick off Agenda 21 Event Series with Michael Chapman Video Presentation
Written by Kirsten   
Monday, 09 April 2012 16:18

The leadership of the Wisconsin 9/12 Project will be focusing the bulk of our energies over the coming year on education and action pertaining to Agenda 21, the United Nations' destructive agenda for the 21st Century. The more we can help people to understand the realities of Agenda 21, the easier it will be make real progress in fighting all of the liberty-destroying initiatives that fall under its umbrella.

Today, we're excited to announce our first Agenda 21-related event, a special video showing of a presentation by Michael Chapman, founder of the American Heritage Research, and former board member of EdWatch. The presentation goes straight to primary sources to reveal how Agenda 21 policies have been infused into our educational system and the devastating impact they are having on generations of our children.

We hope you will join us on April 24th, 6:30pm, at Rex's Innkeeper in Waunakee for this eye-opening, perspective-changing presentation.

The event is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  We encourage everyone to attend and to tell as many people as you can about the event. However, space is limited, so registration is required so that no one risks being turned away at the door. Registration will not only allow us to confirm your seating, it will also ensure that we can contact you regarding any last-minute details.

We hope you will join us.  Should you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out through the Contact Us page.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 24th!

michael chapman color

Legislative Update for February 24th - 27th, 2012
Written by Kirsten   
Friday, 24 February 2012 16:26

Updates on a few bills you've heard us talk about previously and a new bill, out today, that we strongly support.

On the docket today: 

  1. Mining
  2. Raw Milk
  3. Smart Growth Opt-Out
  4. Baby Body Parts
  5. Legislative Oversight of Obamacare
  6. Roundabouts

We're working to put the information in your hands that you need to help advance constitutional principles through state government.

1. Mining Bill (AB 426/SB 488)

Well, State Senator Dale Schultz (R - Richland Center), who loves to claim he's a moderate, is looking more and more like a socialist all the time. It's awfully helpful, isn't it, when a legislator makes his true colors so abundantly plain...

We've all seen him working to undermine a mining operation that would bring jobs and revenue to this state...seen him teaming up with bought-and-paid-for Democrats like Bob Jauch to stick wheels in the spokes of a bill that would ensure real economic development in long depressed areas of Wisconsin.  And now, to make the point even clearer, it appears that Dale Schultz shares the basic opinions of, a well-known Obama propaganda machine that has been barraging state senators with petition-related correspondence this week, insisting that they vote against the bill, calling AB 426/SB 488 the worst possible version of the bill.

Let's examine that claim, shall we, because the MacIver Institute has some valuable information to contribute in this brief video. So, really, when you look at it close up, and Senator Schultz aren't interested in a better version of the bill. They just want to shut down any possiblity of this mining operation in Wisconsin...PERIOD.

Senator Schultz isn't looking quite so moderate now, is he...

We at the Wisconsin 9/12 Project think it's time to assist the senator with his latest identity crisis.

Keep calling and emailing Dale Schultz, and get every likeminded person you know to do the same.  Let's make his phone ring so loud and so long it makes the foundations of the Capitol shake.

When you call, let Senator Schultz know that you don't appreciate him siding with and the radical anti-development crowd he seems to be hanging with these days. Tell him you're aware of his slide from the moderate category into the socialist column. And if he isn't answering his phones, which happens in his office sometimes, let's fill his inbox with email messages of the same sentiment.

Senator Dale Schultz
Phone: 608.266.0703 or 800.978.8008 
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

And that's not all you'll want to talk to talk to Senator Schultz about...

TONIGHT, FEBRUARY 22ND: Marv Munyon Speaking on the New World Order
Written by Kirsten   
Wednesday, 22 February 2012 14:06

The Wisconsin 9/12 Project is pleased to welcome to our meeting this evening MARV MUNYON, who wil be presenting on the realities of the New World Order.

Marv is a staunch advocate of constitutional freedoms. For many years he has headed Wisconsin Capitol Watch, which keeps a close eye on policy decision-making at our State Capitol, informs the public, and works to preserve your freedoms and mine.  

Marv is also a member of the Rock River Patriots (Jefferson County), a group with which the Wisconsin 9/12 Project has been proud to work closely on various legislative initiatives.

The research Marv has done, and which he will be presenting this evening on the topic of the New World Order, is extensive. Marv goes straight to primary sources. The material he will discuss this evening is hard hitting and factual.  It is also crucial for people to know and understand because it provides a view onto the dangerous inroads that have already been made by globalists. It thereby, suggests the ways we may begin to reverse these trends and move back in a more constitutional direction.

Marv looks forward to fielding your questions at the end of his presentation.

THIS TALK WILL NOT BE VIDEO-RECORDED!  Normally we do record our special guests, but our videographer is otherwise occupied this evening.  So if you do not attend in person, you will miss this execellent opportunity to obtain valuable information.  Please try to attend and bring others with you.

The presentation will begin at 7pm in the downstairs room of Kavanaugh's Esquire Club, 1025 N Sherman Ave, Madison.  THERE IS NO FEE TO ATTEND.  Just come and be enlightened!

We look forward to seeing you and your guests this evening!

Written by Jeff   
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 15:13

BURN UP THE PHONE LINES - PLEASE SHARE: The Wisconsin State Senate is looking to cut the spring session very short, ending as early as TOMORROW. They could be back for a couple of weeks in March, but would likely only be on the floor for a day each of those weeks. There is IMPORTANT BUSINESS that they're going to leave unfinished unless we insist that they do their jobs. Please pick up the phoneTODAY, call your STATE SENATOR AND YOUR STATE ASSEMBLY REP. Tell them that you expect them to do their jobs and get some important legislation passed before they end session to go hide:

The conservative members of the Senate Republican Caucus are disgusted with what's going on surrounding AB 426. They don't want ANY of the changes proposed by Senator Kedzie. They've introduced a twin to AB 426 that's currently assigned LRB #4045. Call your senator and INSIST that this bill gets passed IMMEDIATELY! And keep the pressure on Kedzie and Schultz.

Issue #2: RAW MILK (SB 108)
Here's another one where you can give Senator Schultz a piece of your mind. This bill, introduced by Senator Glenn Grothman, would restore important FOOD FREEDOMS to Wisconsinites, has been sitting in Senator Schultz's committee for 6 MONTHS. Now he's letting the bill's worst enemy, the Wisconsin Dairy Association, tinker with it. You can bet the bill won't be worth a dee-doodle once they get done. Call Senator Schultz and tell him to knock it off. Then call your own legislators and tell them that it's time to get this bill PASSED and stop putting farmers in jail!

Reps. Mary Williams and Scott Suder should see their bill pass THIS SESSION. It has a public hearing in the Senate tomorrow. It NEEDS TO CLEAR COMMITTEE AND PASS to restore prerogative to local governments and land rights to individual citizens. Tell your legislators to STOP AGENDA 21 NOW...not five years from now when it's too late.

Rep. David Craig and Senator Leah Vukmir have written two excellent bills that will enhance legislative awareness of Obamacare issues and prevent state agencies from acting on their own to comply with any aspect of Obamacare. AB 530 deals with state agency reporting to the legislature. AB 531 ensures that any aspect of Obamacare compliance must be placed before the legislature for consideration, NOT acted upon solely by state agencies.

Issue #5: WINDMILL SITING (SB 263)
Many people are now reporting health issues as a result of wind turbines in their area. Introduced by Frank Lasee, this bill would place a moratorium on the building of any further wind turbines until the health effects can be more closely studied. This also buys more time for property owners to figure out how to contend with the forces behind wind energy. The bill is stuck in committee. Tell your legislators you want it out of committee, passed, and on the governor's desk PRONTO!

Issue #6: BABY BODY PARTS (AB 214)
Rep. André Jacque and guys like Steve Karlen and Matt Sande at Pro-Life Wisconsin have crafted an excellent bill to prevent the sale of baby body parts for ANY reason. If baby parts can be sold, they can be purposefully harvested. What kind of society are we if we let this possibility stand? Tell your legislators it's time for Wisconsin to DO THE RIGHT THING.

We shouldn't be paying legislators to run away. We should be paying them to DO THEIR JOBS. Call today and make sure your legislators are doing theirs. Spread the word FAR AND WIDE. Share on Facebook. Email. Twitter. Phone calls. Whatever. Just let's got important legislation passed now so we don't have to start from scratch MONTHS from now.

Thank you for your crucial assistance in helping get important legislation through before legislators run away and hide.

UPDATE: Help Assemblyman Kevin Petersen Learn
Written by Kirsten   
Tuesday, 07 February 2012 18:04

Just a little while ago, after already posting an article today on Kevin Petersen's Obamacare-compliance fetish, someone brought the following video to my attention. It rather hilariously deals with the same theme...and proposes that we all do something about this wayward legislative soul.  

Kevin Petersen is the author of AB 210. He's the one foolishly using scare tactics and shouting, "COMPLY!" I'd say that opens things up for taxpayers and freedom lovers from all over the state to reply.

This is one noble project in which I fully intend to participate.

I hope you'll join me in helping Kevin Petersen to learn.

Elected officials in Wisconsin need to know that the idea of compliance with Obamacare shouldn't even be crossing their minds, much less their lips or their typing fingers. And, frankly, it's up to we, the PEOPLE, to ensure that they stay on the straight and narrow.  If we don't speak up, expect legislators to go off the constitutional path pretty much every single time.

Let's train this misguided Republican legislator up right!

NOTE: To access the document, you can click here, use the link in the description of the video on YouTube, or just type it into your browser.  But don't employ capital letters as the link appears within the video.  That actually results in a error.

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